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I officially have a cake blog… Now let’s see if I can figure it out! :) June 13, 2010

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I am completely new to this whole world of blogging, so this should be quite the learning experience! I spent that last few hours putting up pictures of all of my past cake projects… sounded like a good start (and it kept me from having to help clean the garage- SCORE!)

I started decorating cakes last year (very poorly I might add) and my brother asked if I would make a turntable cake for him. So, upon this request, I attempted making marshmallow fondant for the first time and a turntable.  It was a whole lot of fun (even with the cake having to be pieced together with frosting and having stained hands for a few days) …and my new hobby and passion was born!

I didn’t really add any comments or explanation to any of the old cakes I posted, but I’m looking forward to sharing my new adventures in cake decorating as projects come up! This week has a few awesome cakes in store… Can’t wait to get baking! 😀



4 Responses to “I officially have a cake blog… Now let’s see if I can figure it out! :)”

  1. nyk Says:

    Very nice Renee!

  2. Megan Says:

    You’re cakes are beautiful! I’m just starting my own venture into the world of cake decorating, and you’ve inspired me to keep at it. Thank you for sharing your amazing art!!!!

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