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To blog or not to blog… December 5, 2010

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So, my original plan for this blog was to write about my misadventures in caking as I post my current projects. But, when you upload a zillion pictures, once a month, that doesn’t quite work out.  So, I am guessing the key to blogging is discipline. [Hears, “YOU LACK DISCIPLINE!” in Arnold’s voice] I think part of this lack comes from the feeling that no one will ever see this post, so I could very well be writing about my the growth rate of an earthworm… though I know nothing about that, so perhaps not.

I think I will try to do this regularly, perhaps every day is too big of a goal, so I will attempt at least 1 post, once a week. Sundays are my day off, so that may very well be the day. Starting….NOW!

I am also going to admit a horrible crime I’ve been committing… I use cake mix, right out of the box. I don’t doctor it, I just follow the directions and bake. Now, I LOOOOVE baking, so I really don’t have an excuse, other than pure laziness, for not trying out cake recipes. I kept making myself feel better by saying, “Well, I want to focus on decorating for now…”, but I think it’s time I focus on the baking part of this whole cakery business. FYI I ALWAYS make my own icing, this I won’t sacrifice.

So, in addition to my plan of 1 post a week, I would like to try one new cake or cupcake recipe a week. Now, this doesn’t mean I will not be buying cake mix… but, hopefully, when I discover awesome cake recipes and get comfortable with them I can kick that nasty little habit.

If there is anyone reading this that happens to want to share a recipe, I would love to hear it!

[crickets chirping]



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