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Dr. Seuss 1st Birthday Cake April 13, 2011


9 Responses to “Dr. Seuss 1st Birthday Cake”

  1. Cheryl Kratz Says:

    OMG I love this cake, where did you get the one fish-two fish redfish=blue fish appliques. they look like fondant?

    • Hiya! Thank you! I actually printed them with the food coloring printer we’ve got at work. I stuck them to the fondant with a bit of water. Sometimes the edible icing sheets are a bit too flimsy and prone to crinkling with humidity. 🙂

  2. Michelle Bailey Says:

    I love this cake. What tip did you use to make the treetops?

  3. Janet Copeland Says:

    I would love to make this but haven’t done any cakes for almost 20yrs.Could you tell me what size pans, how much icing and if you thought it would travel wee? Thanks!

    • This was 6″ and 9″ round, mostly buttercream, all but the trunks, fish and 1! The fish were actually printed graphic, edible sheets, stuck to fondant and cut out. If you did the buttercream stuff and froze it for a while, it’d probably travel really well! then you could stick on the other bits upon arrival. It took only took the usual two coats of buttercream… I think to guesstimate how much to color, I had a chart I found on line.

      Hope that helps you in your caking! 🙂

  4. Krissy Says:

    May I ask how you achieve such smooth buttercream? I have been making cakes for a while now, and that still is my most frustrating task. Thanks

    • I used to absolutely dread doing buttercream iced cakes because I sucked so badly at smoothing! I used to talk people into fondant lol, now I try to talk them into buttercream! My good friend I work with taught me how to use a scraper… and wow, what a savior! I have a nice metal icing scraper, though at work i used a nice flexible plastic scraper. I just crumb coat, cool, final coat and glob on more icing than necessary around sides then top. Then with the cake on a turntable (i have the cheapest plastic one i could buy, lol) run scraper around sides 1st, making sure to hold scraper straight up and down, kind of slanted against cake, not stabbed into it, lol. (Hard to explain without showing lol!) Once sides are smooth, go around top edge, pulling straight across from side of cake towards middle. You have to kind of create the edge/corner by running scraper straight through where ya want it. After finishing the edges, run scraper over middle bit until smooth. Hope that helps some… 🙂

      Perhaps I should make a video tutorial… I wish someone taught me earlier on in my cake making career lol! I have also heard you can use Viva paper towels after your icing has crusted to smooth imperfections… but with a scraper i dont really find the need! 🙂

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