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Oil Derrick Cake July 22, 2012

Top Tier: Chocolate with Raspberry Preserves, Bottom Tier: Vanilla with Bavarian Cream
Oil Derrick made out of cereal treats with poured chocolate ganache oil


3 Responses to “Oil Derrick Cake”

  1. Miranda Says:

    Hi, there. Love this cake and would like to make a version of it with a different cake topper and a single tier. I am wondering if this is icing or fondant underneath the ganache. Did you pour the ganache on a chilled cake? And how much do you think I would need for an 8-inch? Thanks!

    • Hello there! 🙂

      It is ganache poured over buttercream iced cake. I did chill the iced cakes first. The ganache recipe I used calls for 12 oz of chocolate chips, 1 cup of heavy cream and some vanilla and that should be plenty for an 8″ cake! And leftover ganache isn’t a bad thing, lol!

      • Miranda Says:

        Thank you very much! I tried it but I don’t think the ganache was hot enough. It came out like a blanket of chocolate on a cake rather than oil drops. It didn’t drip all the way down to the bottom like yours did. I also just read that you added vanilla which might have also helped it “drop” down like oil. I will try it again. Thanks!!

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